Variations in people's reactions to health concerns

Anyone who's paid attention during cold season will have caught on to one of the stranger things about illness. When people think about cold season, they usually frame it in ideas about fighting off illness before it even becomes an issue. But if one actually pays close attention than a startling fact will become apparent. There's usually not much variation in whether someone actually gets sick or not. If the common cold is showing up in an area than most people are going to get it. For the most part, exposure to pathogens related to the common cold is fairly consistent with actually coming down with it. At the same time, some people seem to shake it off so quickly that they might not even notice that they were sick at all. Meanwhile other people will be miserable for weeks to come. These are very individualized reactions to the same medical condition. What's remarkable is that this general rule can be seen in almost anything related to people's health. From minor issues like the common cold all the way to the most severe health concerns. It's only fairly recently that people have realized that individualized reactions to illness also calls for individualized treatment.


A method to self administer an effective treatment

There's only one issue with this new way of looking at healthcare. Individualized treatment is really only possible if everyone has access to effective medication. This isn't really feasible for prescription medications. But it is possible if one looks to the latest generation of natural medicines. In particular, CBD vape oil provides a collection of medicinal compounds that are just as effective as synthetic medications. The main difference is that anyone can buy cbd vape oil for themselves, and decide what dosage is consistent with their personal health concerns. For the first time people can actually use the most effective medications on the market in exactly the dose and frequency which works for their own body. It's a different way of looking at healthcare. And it's also one of the healthiest ways that someone can relate to their own body's unique needs.